Train Miniature Avallonnais
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17 lines
906 B

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<map name="gare" id="gare">
<area shape="circle" coords="531,406,16" href="/carte/1.html" alt="1" />
<area shape="circle" coords="421,406,16" href="/carte/2.html" alt="2" />
<area shape="circle" coords="309,406,16" href="/carte/3.html" alt="3" />
<area shape="circle" coords="199,406,16" href="/carte/4.html" alt="4" />
<area shape="circle" coords="123,406,16" href="/images/carte/5/bascule.jpg" alt="bascule" target="_blank" />
<area shape="circle" coords="54,406,16" href="/carte/6.html" alt="6" />
<area shape="circle" coords="14,406,16" href="/carte/7.html" alt="7" />
<area shape="circle" coords="387,84,16" href="/carte/8.html" alt="8" />
<div align="center"><img src="/images/carte/carte_gare2.jpg" usemap="#gare" border="2" width="562" height="469" alt="Carte de la gare" /><br />
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