various scripts for various tasks.
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n 7b4ca18ba8 use default port преди 4 дни
attic very old utility that (try to) calculate a dirtree's size преди 6 месеца
monitoring check_rspamc for rspamd monitoring преди 2 месеца
userscripts greasemonkey script to remove auto-filled login and password "admin" added by VTiger setup преди 1 година dump all Postgres databases (and send a report to the monitoring system) преди 4 дни
alcasar_logo.patch small patch to add a background changer for ALCASAR webpages преди 4 години don't get messy please преди 4 години almost initial import преди 5 години almost initial import преди 5 години yes I speak very good english indeed преди 4 дни use default port преди 4 дни almost initial import преди 5 години to wipe a remote debian machine преди 8 месеца typo преди 1 година
secupdate secupdate: apply FreeBSD binary patches and recompile custom kernel for the lazy. преди 4 години
shaarli_OleG.0.9.0.patch bump version to 0.9.0 + fix patch location преди 2 години
superscreen not necessary anymore преди 3 години
supertmux supertmux: open multiple ssh sessions to a bunch of servers inside a tmux (based on superscreen) преди 2 месеца zfsync usage преди 2 години


Various scripts for various tasks.






  • => grap 73lab’s wallpapers
  • => update webcam info with xmms ouput
  • caminit => manage a very old webcam (Logitech Quickcam)
  • => bootstrap script for fresh kimsufi/OVH servers
  • => download, compile and install FFMpeg & MPlayer
  • mkvig => little script to download covers
  • tssh => automaticaly rename Konsole tabs using ssh’ed hostname
  • => download HTML pages and generate RSS feeds from them
  • tsize.c => small utility that displays a directory’s size (yes, I basically rewrote DU(1)). original comments & bugs included, straight from the Millenium era